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Sedona, the Grand Canyon, and Phoenix 06.06.2017
Florida "Firsts": Gator Golf, NASA & Cocoa Beach 30.05.2017
Snapshots of 2016 Travels 29.05.2017
15 Epic California Adventures of 2015 05.06.2016
Burning Old Man Gloom in Santa Fe 05.09.2015
At the Intersection of Two Wild Rivers in New Mexico 04.09.2015
Strange Trails to Little Rock, Arkansas 17.07.2015
Drenched but Happy in New Orleans' City Park 01.07.2015
Turning 30 Years Old in New Orleans 29.06.2015
14 More Great Travel Experiences in 2014 05.01.2015
Orange in Asheville: Autumn Leaves & Live Music 16.11.2014
Zipping across Asheville, North Carolina 15.11.2014
Rescued with Coffee in Ladue, Missouri 05.09.2014
Through the Arch, and Westward Bound, Once Again 04.09.2014
Quirky Antique Charm in Jefferson, Texas (Part 1) 26.05.2014
Chasing Marfa Lights in Pitch Black 04.05.2014
Did I See a Ghost...Town? 29.04.2014
Rain and Hail in Marfa, Texas 29.04.2014
Photo Scavenger Hunt around Roswell, NM 22.04.2014
Wander Sphere Celebrates 5 Years! 30.03.2014
Snow on St. Patrick's Day 17.03.2014
LOVEing Philly Art 16.03.2014
Edgar Allan Poe's Legacy, Evermore 15.03.2014
Celebrating Women's History in Old City 14.03.2014
Night Skies in Philadelphia 13.03.2014
Alien Grave in Aurora, Texas? 19.01.2014
13 Awesome Memories From 2013 01.01.2014
The Thankful Traveler 28.11.2013
Dallas Living, Still Traveling 21.11.2013
My Summer On The Road: Final Thoughts 30.08.2013
3 State Lines & 2 Time Zones for Santa Fe 29.08.2013
From San Diego to Holbrook, Arizona 28.08.2013
Home for the Afternoon in Whittier 17.08.2013
Cold War Artifacts in Culver City 12.08.2013
Pre-History on Wilshire Blvd: the La Brea Tar Pits 06.08.2013
Rosy Outlook in Pasadena 03.08.2013
Seeking Enlightenment in Silver Lake 30.07.2013
Time Travel Supplies in Echo Park 24.07.2013
Lost in Los Feliz: the Long Hike to Griffith Observatory 20.07.2013
Classy & Mysterious: the Queen Mary in Long Beach 11.07.2013
Kayaking in Redondo Beach 20.06.2013
Road Trip Day 4: Venice & Santa Monica, We Meet Again! 12.06.2013
Road Trip Day 3: Alien Jerky & Calico Ghost Town 09.06.2013
Road Trip Day 2: Continental Divide & Beautiful Desert 08.06.2013
Road Trip Day 1: Cadillacs & Cows in Amarillo 06.06.2013
Curiosities Around Pike Place Market 01.05.2013
Sunny Side of Life in Seattle 25.04.2013
Gladewater: Antique Capital of East Texas 13.04.2013
Skating into 2013 12.01.2013
Rachel's Eventful New Years Eve in Montreal 01.01.2013
A Good Year 31.12.2012
Day 1 in Montreal: Snow & Archeology 29.12.2012
Aloha & Bonjour! 28.11.2012
Rachel Versus the Volcano 24.10.2012
Laid Back in Lahaina 05.09.2012
Boo Who? Ghost Hunting on Oahu 03.09.2012
Adjusting to Island Time in Hawaii 27.08.2012
The 55 Minute Layover? 18.07.2012
Travel & Self Portraits 15.07.2012
Next Month: Aloha, Hawaii! 11.07.2012
Catching Up & New Blog 24.06.2012
3 Years & Nearly 30,000 Views! 27.02.2012
2012: Anything Can Happen? 12.02.2012
Art by the Shore 24.11.2011
From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk... 13.11.2011
Full Circle: Wrap Up of L.A./San Diego trip 17.09.2011
Photo Zooventures in San Diego 17.09.2011
The Train from L.A. to San Diego 17.09.2011
Venice Beach Revisited 17.09.2011
Yoga Class: L.A. Style 30.08.2011
Back in Dallas, Working on Full L.A./San Diego Re-Cap 28.08.2011
Mission "Alias" Accomplished in Hollywood 25.08.2011
The Car-less Chronicles in L.A. 24.08.2011
Landed in LA LA Land 19.08.2011
One month until next trip! Time to prep for... 17.07.2011
Recent Happenings: Deep Ellum, Ft. Worth, & California 26.04.2011
More of Rachel's San Francisco Pictures on the Web! 21.03.2011
Vacation from Vacation: the Last Two Days in the Bay Area 19.03.2011
Seeing Green: St. Patty's Day in San Fran 19.03.2011
Berkeley, Then Sunshine in San Fran 17.03.2011
The Wilds of North Beach and the Piers 15.03.2011
Finding Serenity in Golden Gate Park 14.03.2011
Day 1: Landed in San Francisco! 13.03.2011
Wander Sphere Turns Two Years Old! 28.02.2011
Day 4: Still Snowed In 04.02.2011
Bitten by the Photography Bug 05.12.2010
That's my team! Go, San Diego! 15.11.2010
Election Night 2010: Democratic Watch Party 04.11.2010
Saturday Night Lights: TCU vs. Air Force 24.10.2010
Part 2: Closing Day of the State Fair of Texas 17.10.2010
State Fair of Texas 2010 10.10.2010
The Great Outdoors of Vancouver 13.08.2010
Tap Dancing on Granville Island 11.08.2010
Don't Look Down! View from the Suspension Bridge 10.08.2010
3 Hour Flight Delay. Cause? Broken Lavatory. 09.08.2010
Yesterday: Capilano Suspension Bridge, Bowen Island 07.08.2010
In Vancouver: Kitsilano & Chinatown 05.08.2010
Back on Track: Heading to Vancouver in One Week! 28.07.2010
Wrapping Up: Final Thoughts on NYC 05.06.2010
West versus East: Natural History versus Frick 03.06.2010
Staten Island, the Strand and MoMA 03.06.2010
On International Territory, Then On Broadway 01.06.2010
From Big D to the Big Apple: Memorial Day in NYC 01.06.2010
Two Years After Graduation - Still Traveling 23.05.2010
O Canada, Here I Come! 09.05.2010
Countdown to New York: 30 Days 01.05.2010
Life Lessons from the Boat & Everywhere Else 25.04.2010
Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival 11.04.2010
Group Travel Vs. Solo Travel 06.04.2010
A Familiar Place, A Renovated Space: Dallas Arts District 28.03.2010
2nd Day of Spring in Dallas: Even More Snow 21.03.2010
1st Day of Spring in Dallas: Snow 20.03.2010
Wander Sphere Turns 1 Year Old! 27.02.2010
"Snow-pocalypse" Strikes Dallas, Texas 13.02.2010
Confessions of a Traveler 03.02.2010
And the Final Decision Is... 27.01.2010
I Can't Decide: NYC or Pacific Northwest? 24.01.2010
Travel Resolutions for 2010 19.01.2010
Anywhere in the U.S. 19.12.2009
I Hate Cold Weather 02.12.2009
Life in the Waiting Line 29.11.2009
New Website Under Construction! 13.11.2009
Away for the Holidays? 07.11.2009
Swing Dancing and Theater in Downtown Dallas 02.10.2009
Travel Updating 29.09.2009
Europe...or South America? That is the question. 03.09.2009
Remembering the Southern California wildfires of Fall 2007 02.09.2009
Update on Planning Europe Trip for Next Year 16.08.2009
Sailing on White Rock Lake 16.08.2009
Backpacking through Europe in 2010 29.07.2009
The Laptop Returns in a More Travel-Friendly Form 23.07.2009
In Need of a Travel-Friendly Laptop 08.07.2009
Birthday, New Job, Future Travel Plans 22.06.2009
No work today? Okay, time for a bike ride! 16.06.2009
Old Home, New Life, Moving On 11.06.2009
Just Finished Moving...Yet Again 01.06.2009
One Year After Graduation - What Lies Ahead 23.05.2009
Getting All Political in Washington, D.C. - January 2006 17.05.2009
Monuments, Museums and the Catacombs in Paris 14.05.2009
The Real Adventures in Paris - January 2007 (part 2) 10.05.2009
All Over London in 24 Hours 06.05.2009
Awesome Sighting in London 30.04.2009
Calling London 26.04.2009
Exploring Paris, France - January 2007 (part 1) 22.04.2009
The beach, The Cure and the Hollywood sign - March 2008 14.04.2009
Into the Woods 11.04.2009
Mountain driving and "Check Engine" lights 11.04.2009
Road trip through Colorado - June 2008 08.04.2009
Strange Sighting in Colorado 04.03.2009
Whirlwind weekend trip through San Antonio 04.03.2009
Go to Coronado Island, Go to the Airport 01.03.2009
Wandering around Santa Monica and Venice Beach 01.03.2009
Getting Started 27.02.2009